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Medical Sales Accelerator

Aug 23, 2021

We're diving into the archives again this week to highlight another popular value-packed episode. Every rep wants competitive advantages in the market, but the "old method" of selling and catering to physician customers won't help you recognize them. Ben Bouterie's approach is a great example of how to unlock opportunities through practice development and value-based selling.
Ben is the regional sales director at Aerin Medical. As a 7-time President's Club winner, he's spent his career creating markets for disruptive technologies in multiple specialties. In this interview, he shares practical ways to position yourself as a trusted industry advisor versus a sales rep, and leverage this authority to gain trust and opportunities.
Ben's lessons on agitating the market and simplifying solutions for your customers are worth playing on repeat. If you're trying to dodge the downward spiral of commoditization and crush growth expectations, then this episode is for you!