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Medical Sales Accelerator

Aug 31, 2021

Innovation can render existing products or procedures obsolete, but is poor positioning the real threat to your relevance in the market?  We’re back in the archives this week to highlight Mace Horoff’s excellent take on why more reps need to understand the moment-to-moment relevance of their product.

Mace is the creator of the Medical Sales Academy, a professional keynote speaker, and a 38-year frontline sales veteran. As the Academy’s lead medical sales expert, he helps sales managers think beyond quotas and coach their teams on product relevance—i.e., how their product solves the problems customers don’t even see coming.

In this practical discussion, Mace explains why “pending” business is worse than no business at all, how to be aggressive with your quota without being pushy toward customers, and why understanding your own inherent value as a rep is the key to new opportunities.

Resources and links from the show: