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Medical Sales Accelerator

Jul 19, 2021

Promise or pain—which is the stronger motivator? We know it’s the latter from decades of behavioral science. But Jonathan Burkett knew the answer long before many of his device rep competitors did. After an experiment gone right, he became an advocate for breaking down corporate silos and helping physician partners speak straight to patient pain points. Now, as director of MedTech market strategy for TrackableMed, he’s an architect of “win-win-win” scenarios: more patient access to life-changing therapies, more trust in the healthcare system, and more business for clients. In this interview, we discuss why he bought into the TrackableMed vision, how he stopped selling products and started revealing possibilities, and some of his best “out-of-the-box” solutions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

- How to align sales and marketing through a focus on patient education

- The humble origins of a big idea that led to the creation of TrackableMed

- How Jonathan’s passion for marketing evolved over 30+ years in the industry  

- Why market agitation triggers loss aversion and faster utilization rates among physicians

-Why the wisest reps never attack their competitors’ products

Plus, we touch on the impact that patient education has made on the industry since the ‘90s.

Resources and links from the show: