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Medical Sales Accelerator

Feb 28, 2022

Odds are, your prospective customer is trapped in their own ‘healthcare bubble’—and your ‘in’ could be showing them a way out. Dr. Brian Cohen is an anesthesiologist and the co-founder and COO of CMEfy, a co-learning platform that’s incentivizing clinician collaboration. We sat down with him to hear how his platform is giving clinicians the keys to drive their continuing medical education while helping medical thought leaders monetize their insights. Join us to find out how MedTech reps can leverage this co-learning revolution to drive value for customers and get plugged into what clinicians on the ground care about most.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • The power of reflective journaling in medicine


  • What it took to design a platform where no stakeholder loses


  • How the cautionary tales of social media impact co-learning efforts


  • Why once “close to the chest” techniques are now being passed along

Plus, we dig into COVID’s role in helping check egos and spur open channels of communication.