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Medical Sales Accelerator

Apr 4, 2022

Docs can dismiss today’s hottest social media apps all they want—but Dr. Inna Husain’s authentic online presence has patients scrolling, liking, and sharing their way into her office. In addition to being a board-certified ENT with a fellowship in laryngology, Dr. Husain just so happens to be a South Asian Muslim mother of three who found a liberating sense of belonging on TikTok and Instagram during the pandemic. We caught up with this TikTok doctor to learn how she creates simple yet informative content that speaks to the pain points of 2 million+ users. Join us as she explains why passion is the key ingredient in any successful social media strategy and shares eye-opening takeaways from countless online interactions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to responsibly educate on symptoms of a disease state to a wide audience 


  • Why Dr. Husain never proselytizes social media to disinterested docs


  • What’s realistic—and what’s definitely not—when it comes to content planning


  • How the ‘med bikini’ trend underscores the need for representation in medicine


Plus, we talk about Dr. Husain’s TikTok doctor “haters,” and why she tries to reach even the most disillusioned patients.