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Medical Sales Accelerator

Nov 9, 2022

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are all the rage these days, but they’ve found particular use in medical device demos — not just to increase sales, but to train surgeons more effectively on new tools.

This week’s guest is Dave Howe, VP of Sales at Osso VR, a platform for virtual surgery training. Dave shares how VR demos are not only becoming a powerful sales tool, but are leading to longer-term adoption and utilization of technologies with proven patient impacts.

We also get into a conversation about the understated importance of company culture in getting results, and how you can improve your culture, no matter the size.

What we discuss in the episode:

  • How virtual reality headsets make it easier to sell medical devices
  • The way VR training is becoming increasingly important with newer medical devices
  • A number of factors beyond a person’s skillset that make for an effective team
  • Why you should never sacrifice team chemistry to hire a high performer
  • How even large organizations can effectively change their culture for greater impact

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