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Medical Sales Accelerator

Apr 5, 2021

It used to be a volume game. Today, though, doctors are incentivized much differently than they were a decade ago. As a result, MedTech sales reps must consider not just their physician’s needs and concerns, but the needs and concerns of dozens of healthcare stakeholders. In this episode, you’ll get a deep insider perspective from Dr. Vinod Dasa, orthopedic surgeon and co-founder of Doc Social, on how to really connect with physicians.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the industry has done a 180 on how we view patient care
  • How physician incentives have changed and why that should influence your sales strategy
  • Ways you can make your physician customers better through coaching and consultation
  • The sales rep behaviors that need to change immediately

Plus, we dive into some MedTech sales dos and don’ts as told from the unique physician perspective.

Resources and links from the show: