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Medical Sales Accelerator

Mar 28, 2022

Are you a revenue driver or just an order taker? More importantly, do you understand the distinction? Francisco Martinez didn’t really know—let alone care—when he fell into a medical sales role out of necessity years ago. Now? He’s a sales coach, trainer, and productivity enthusiast on a mission to dignify selling and help high achievers go beyond transactions. We sat down with the executive sales manager for Empire Medical (Arthrex) to chat about his 180-degree mindset shift, the power of humility, the industry’s growing need for hard truths and clear motives, and more.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • The irony of using “salesy” as a dirty word (and what’s really behind it)


  • How to champion the culture you want to be a part of, regardless of your role


  • Why a failure to consistently define goals can lead to misaligned teams


  • How to make an impact within and beyond MedTech using the three ‘E’s

Plus, we explore ways to balance the dual responsibilities of sales and service more effectively.