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Medical Sales Accelerator

Dec 28, 2020

Sometimes we get too caught up in the selling aspect of our jobs and forget we should also be a resource to our customers. One of the biggest opportunities to serve in this way is to help them effectively market their medical practice and increase patient demand.

In this special episode, Zed and Clark tap into their...

Dec 21, 2020

Get the best of the MedTech industry insights in this action-packed episode. Zed and Clark share the top takeaways from our first 10 episodes in this “best of” compilation! Listen to the most compelling and actionable snippets, anecdotes, and advice in one neatly packaged episode.

From top-performing sales reps to...

Dec 14, 2020

David Moser is a Transplant Specialist at Natera, and he knows better than most how to adapt when you can no longer access customers in the traditional manner.

When the pandemic tightened its grip in Spring 2020, we all had to adjust our approach. But David went next-level with his “pivot.”

Find out how an...

Dec 7, 2020

Bill Eckstrom is a renowned keynote speaker, founder and CEO of EcSell Institute, and author of The Coaching Effect. He’s not just passionate about growth, he’s obsessed with it.

In this episode, we’re thrilled to welcome Bill—the world’s foremost authority in metric-based performance coaching and...

Nov 30, 2020

Monique Valcour is an Executive Coach and Management Professor. As a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, she advises on leadership development, coaching, career and talent management—and she knows the importance of giving feedback to keep your team motivated.

In this episode, Monique shares profound...