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Medical Sales Accelerator

May 29, 2023

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What separates companies that innovate and grow, vs innovate and die? It comes down to feedback and the product lifecycle. And there are key ways you can improve the customer experience from day one that will help the dominoes fall in your direction.

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May 22, 2023

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Go behind the scenes of the American Urological Association Annual Meeting and discover why some physicians choose to embrace new technology and dive head first into learning despite their peers’ reluctance to change.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, we revisit...

May 15, 2023

Sponsored by TrackableMed

Why do people line up for one coffee shop when there’s an empty one three blocks away? What draws people to a product so much that they’re willing to sacrifice time out of their day to get their hands on it? How do you propel your product or service to legendary status? The answer may...

May 8, 2023

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Did you know that 40-60% of the average sales pipeline stalls out due to not moving forward? Author of The Challenger Sale Matt Dixon calls these no-decision losses. And they plague sales teams the world over, which is why he’s back with new research and a new book sharing what the best...

May 1, 2023

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Some physicians seem to avoid medical device reps at all costs. Others seem open to conversations but may be skeptical of the intention behind them. And many don’t have the power to make a final decision anyway. So, what do physicians really think of medical device?

In this week’s...